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TNK's first QCC activity concluded successfully

Source:TNK,Release time:2023-01-29

The first QCC activity of TNK Electronics closed successfully

The first QCC improvement report release, review and award party of TNK Electronics was held at the company's training center on the evening of January 9, 2020. This QCC event lasted three months, and a total of five teams participated in the competition. The improvement theme covered many aspects, such as the improvement of the straight-through rate, efficiency improvement, inventory consumption, 6S, etc. All team members, under the leadership of their respective circle leaders, gave full play to their team wisdom, cooperation and mutual assistance, so that their goals were successfully achieved.

The management of the company attached great importance to the event. General Manager Yang and General Manager Lai, together with the leaders of all departments, visited the meeting site, scored the site of each publishing circle group, awarded the award to the award-winning team, and made a summary statement. President Yang fully affirmed the achievements of each team, thanked everyone for their hard work for the development and progress of the company, encouraged everyone to continue to improve, let the QCC activities continue to carry out and make breakthroughs, and again stressed that quality is the biggest bottleneck hindering the development of the company, and we must vigorously improve the quality level of the company.

With the photographer pressing the shutter of the group photo, the QCC activity came to a successful end in a passionate and warm atmosphere. Let's look forward to the next phase of the activity, and all teams will create more brilliant!

Next, let's share some wonderful moments on the spot.


The host's opening remarks reviewed the development process of QCC activities. Time really flies by. The season has changed, from wearing a single coat to wearing a coat. But at this time, here, we remain the same enthusiasm.